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Professional-Grade Air Filtration Systems

Pacific & Santa Monica Air Duct Cleaning of Santa Monica, California, offers the latest in air filtration technology with Durafil ES air filters. These high-performance filters are excellent for many HVAC systems or any commercial, medical, or industrial application where saving energy is a priority.

Airpura Air Purifiers

We are the #1 authorized dealer of Airpura Air purifiers, An Airpura purifier can remove toxins from your breathing air.  The purifier without the UV lamp will provide you with excellent protection against airborne and aerosolized viruses. The UV lamp is an added level of protection.

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AirPura Purifiers


The Durafil ES is available in four standard efficiencies, which are MERV 11, 13, 14, and 16. The media is water-resistant and includes glass filament separators for uniform airflow throughout the media pack.

It incorporates a unique sealant channel to ensure a media pack-to-frame bonding to prevent air bypass. The unit comes in an impact-resistant plastic enclosing frame with modular plastic media pack supports, making a rigid and durable filter. This filter includes a one-inch header for added stability and a secure fit into the filter holding mechanism. The header is an integral component of the frame.

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The Durafil ES also contains a header sealing gasket to ensure no air bypass between headers in multi-filter systems and to offer a bi-directional airflow. The unit can serve systems with airflow capacities up to 3,000 cfm. It has a maximum recommended final pressure drop capability to 2.0" w.g. and is guaranteed to 10" w.g.

The Durafil ES has been qualified by Underwriters Laboratories as UL 900 - Class 2. It is available with dual headers.

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